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* Questions about org-capture templates and usage
@ 2010-12-05  6:28 Alan
  2010-12-05 11:58 ` Matt Lundin
  2010-12-05 21:44 ` Charles Cave
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From: Alan @ 2010-12-05  6:28 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: emacs-orgmode

I apologize if I am breaking "netiquette* by posting multiple
questions in a single posting.  If so, please let me know, and I will
pare the following down into  "bite-sized" chunks.

I have fallen in love with org-capture, from the start.  I have had
some problems, and questions.  The following is a short list of some
of my questions and issues .  I'm sorry to do it this way, but perhaps
it's a tradeoff: many messages, or one long one.  Which is more

   1. Eventually a tutorial will surely be available.  I haven't found
     one.   Useful tutorials for me would be 

      1. How to make general templates, and pitfalls.
      2. Advanced usages of org-capture: using functions, etc.  
      3. Common errors and causes

   2. Documentation is minimal, while the complexity of the system is

   3. I have had to modify my usage to accomodate to changes in org-capture,
      relative to org-remember.  Some differences devolve from explicit
      design features

      1. It is no longer necessary to auto-save uncommitted items.
         As a consequence there seems (as I understand it) to no
         longer be a way to use a prefix key to allow one to visit the
         item in it's context AFTER committing it with C-c C-c.  

	 I have spend a good deal of time worrying over this, but
	 haven't solved the problem.  Probably 90% of the times I save
	 (C-c C-c) the Captured item, I stumble over how to find it
	 again to enhance or review the item.

	 *Is there a way to do this, or can we request a way to do this?*
   4. I would like to be able to capture to a non-orgmode file.
      My remember template saved  some notes, a list of items from an
      agenda search, or any text   was marked as a region, as a memo
      wrapped up as a latex memo, with  a latex memo header and
      an \end{document.  

      It is my understanding that this won't work anymore because
      capture will not save to a non-orgmode file.  

       *Is this correct, and/or what, if anything can I do to make
       this work?* `

      I have thought that it might be possible to make a custom agenda
      report for such searches, that could be edited before final
      export.  I would want this to be printable as a memo.

   5. Requests for Features:
      1. An indication of the current target would be useful on either
         the modeline or the CAPTURE header line.
      2. Likewise, an indicator or nestedness of unsaved capture
         items.  (probably not worth the clutter).
      3. Is there a way to go to the last captured item?  Is there a
         ring that can be cycled through?  *This would be useful*

Thank you for this fantastic work.  

Alan Davis

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2010-12-05  6:28 Questions about org-capture templates and usage Alan
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