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* Release 6.27
@ 2009-05-23  6:35 Carsten Dominik
  2009-05-23  6:52 ` Russell Adams
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From: Carsten Dominik @ 2009-05-23  6:35 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: [Orgmode] Org-Mode


I am finally releasing Org-mode 6.27, with lots of bug fixes
and some new stuff as well.


- Carsten

Changes in Version 6.27

Macros for export

Macro processing for export has been enhanced:

- You can use arguments in a macro, for example
   #+macro hello Greet the $1: Hello $1

   which would turn `{{{hello(world)}}}' into `Greet the world: Hello  

- The macro value can be an emacs-lisp for to be evaluated at the
   time of export:

   #+macro: datetime (eval (format-time-string "$1"))

- More built-in default macros:
   date(FORMAT_TIME_STRING): Time/Date of export
   time(FORMAT_TIME_STRING): Same as date
   modification-time(FORMAT_TIME_STRING): Last modification of file
   input-file: Name of the input file

   The new built-in macros have been requested by Daniel Clemente.

Link completion for files and bbdb names

Org now has a general mechanism how modules can provide enhanced
support (for example through completion) when adding a link.  For
example, when inserting a link with `C-c C-l', you can now type
`file:' followed by `RET' to get completion support for inserting
a file.  After entering `bbdb:' and `RET', a completion interface
will allow to complete names in the BBDB database.  These are the
only ones implemented right now, but modules that add a link type
`xyz:' can simple define `org-xyz-complete-link' that should
return the full link with prefix after aiding the used to create
the link.  For example, if you have `http' links that you have to
insert very often, you could define a function
`org-http-complete-link' to help selecting the most common ones.

Source file publishing

It is now easy to publish the Org sources along with, for
example, HTML files.  In your publishing project, replace

:publishing-function org-publish-org-to-html


  :publishing-function (org-publish-org-to-html org-publish-org-to-org)
  :plain-source t
  :htmlized-source t

to get both the plain org file and an htmlized version that
looks like your editing buffer published along with the HTML
exported version.

Push exported stuff to kill ring

All exporters now push the produced material onto the kill-ring
in Emacs, and also to the external clipboard and the primary
selection to make it easy to paste this under many circumstances.

Tables in LaTeX without centering
Set the variable `org-export-latex-tables-centered' to nil if you
prefer tables not to be horizontally centered.  Note that
longtable tables are always centered.

LaTeX export: TODO markup configurable

The markup for TODO keywords in LaTeX export is now configurable
using the variable `org-export-latex-todo-keyword-markup'.

ASCII export to buffer

ASCII export has now the same command variations as the other
export backends, for example exporting to a temporary buffer
instead of a file.

The was a request by Samuel Wales.

Accessibility improvements for HTTP tables

When exporting tables to HTML, Org now adds `scope' attributes to
all header fields, in order to support screen readers.
Setting the variable
`org-export-html-table-use-header-tags-for-first-column' will
request using `<th>' instead of `<td>' also in the entire first
column, so that also row information can be scoped.  This was
triggered by a request by Jan Buchal, and as usually Sebastian
Rose came up with the right implementation.

Timezone information in iCalendar files

The timezone information in iCalendar files is now written in the
correct format, and can be set in the variable
`org-ical-timezone'.  This variable is initialized from the `TZ'
environment variable.

New contributed package org-special-blocks.el

The package turns any "undefined" `#+begin_...' blocks into LaTeX
environments for LaTeX export, and into `<div>' tags for HTML

Thanks to Chris Gray for this contribution.

More flexibility about placing logging notes.

Logging into a drawer can now also be set for individual
subtrees using the `LOG_INTO_DRAWER' property.

Requested by Daniel J. Sinder

New reload key

Reloading Org has moved to a new key, `C-c C-x !', and is now
also available in the agenda.

Start Agenda with log mode active
Set the new option `org-agenda-start-with-log-mode' to have
log mode turned on from the start.  Or set this option for
specific custom commands.

Thanks to Benjamin Andresen for a patch to this effect.

Agenda speed optimizations

Depending on circumstances, construction the agenda has become a
lot faster.

Triggered by Eric S Fraga's reports about using Org on a slow
computer like a netbook.

New face for today in agenda

The date that is today can now be highlighted in the agenda by
customizing the face `org-agenda-date-today'.

Thanks to Dmitri Minaev for a patch to this effect.

Properties to disambiguate statistics

When an entry has both check boxes and TODO children, it is not
clear what kind of statistics a cookie should show  You can now use
the `COOKIE_DATA' property to disambiguate, by giving it a value
"todo" or "checkbox".

Thanks to Ulf Stegeman, who was persistent enough to push this
change past my initial resistance.

Checkboxes and TODO items: recursive statistics

Setting the variable `org-hierarchical-checkbox-statistics' to
`nil' will make statistics cookies count all checkboxes in the
lit hierarchy below it.

Setting the variable `org-hierarchical-todo-statistics' to
`nil' will do the same for TODO items.

To turn on recursive statistics only for a single subtree, add the
word "recursive" to the `COOKIE_DATA' property.  Note that you
can have such a property containing both "todo" or "checkbox" for
disambiguation, and the word "recursive", separated by a space

The change for checkboxes was a patch by Richard Klinda.

New operators for column view

Column view has new operators for computing the minimum,
maximum, and mean of property values.

Thanks to Mikael Fornius for a patch to this effect.

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