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From: Russell Adams <RLAdams@AdamsInfoServ.Com>
To: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org
Subject: Re: Release 6.27
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 01:52:38 -0500	[thread overview]
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Exciting new stuff! Kudos to you and all the contributors!


On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 08:35:59AM +0200, Carsten Dominik wrote:
> Hi,
> I am finally releasing Org-mode 6.27, with lots of bug fixes
> and some new stuff as well.
> Enjoy!
> - Carsten
> Changes in Version 6.27
> =======================
> Macros for export
> ==================
> Macro processing for export has been enhanced:
> - You can use arguments in a macro, for example
>   #+macro hello Greet the $1: Hello $1
>   which would turn `{{{hello(world)}}}' into `Greet the world: Hello  
> world'
> - The macro value can be an emacs-lisp for to be evaluated at the
>   time of export:
>   #+macro: datetime (eval (format-time-string "$1"))
> - More built-in default macros:
>   date(FORMAT_TIME_STRING): Time/Date of export
>   time(FORMAT_TIME_STRING): Same as date
>   modification-time(FORMAT_TIME_STRING): Last modification of file
>   input-file: Name of the input file
>   The new built-in macros have been requested by Daniel Clemente.
> Link completion for files and bbdb names
> =========================================
> Org now has a general mechanism how modules can provide enhanced
> support (for example through completion) when adding a link.  For
> example, when inserting a link with `C-c C-l', you can now type
> `file:' followed by `RET' to get completion support for inserting
> a file.  After entering `bbdb:' and `RET', a completion interface
> will allow to complete names in the BBDB database.  These are the
> only ones implemented right now, but modules that add a link type
> `xyz:' can simple define `org-xyz-complete-link' that should
> return the full link with prefix after aiding the used to create
> the link.  For example, if you have `http' links that you have to
> insert very often, you could define a function
> `org-http-complete-link' to help selecting the most common ones.
> Source file publishing
> =======================
> It is now easy to publish the Org sources along with, for
> example, HTML files.  In your publishing project, replace
> :publishing-function org-publish-org-to-html
> with
>  :publishing-function (org-publish-org-to-html org-publish-org-to-org)
>  :plain-source t
>  :htmlized-source t
> to get both the plain org file and an htmlized version that
> looks like your editing buffer published along with the HTML
> exported version.
> Push exported stuff to kill ring
> =================================
> All exporters now push the produced material onto the kill-ring
> in Emacs, and also to the external clipboard and the primary
> selection to make it easy to paste this under many circumstances.
> Tables in LaTeX without centering
> ==================================
> Set the variable `org-export-latex-tables-centered' to nil if you
> prefer tables not to be horizontally centered.  Note that
> longtable tables are always centered.
> LaTeX export: TODO markup configurable
> =======================================
> The markup for TODO keywords in LaTeX export is now configurable
> using the variable `org-export-latex-todo-keyword-markup'.
> ASCII export to buffer
> =======================
> ASCII export has now the same command variations as the other
> export backends, for example exporting to a temporary buffer
> instead of a file.
> The was a request by Samuel Wales.
> Accessibility improvements for HTTP tables
> ===========================================
> When exporting tables to HTML, Org now adds `scope' attributes to
> all header fields, in order to support screen readers.
> Setting the variable
> `org-export-html-table-use-header-tags-for-first-column' will
> request using `<th>' instead of `<td>' also in the entire first
> column, so that also row information can be scoped.  This was
> triggered by a request by Jan Buchal, and as usually Sebastian
> Rose came up with the right implementation.
> Timezone information in iCalendar files
> ========================================
> The timezone information in iCalendar files is now written in the
> correct format, and can be set in the variable
> `org-ical-timezone'.  This variable is initialized from the `TZ'
> environment variable.
> New contributed package org-special-blocks.el
> ==============================================
> The package turns any "undefined" `#+begin_...' blocks into LaTeX
> environments for LaTeX export, and into `<div>' tags for HTML
> export.
> Thanks to Chris Gray for this contribution.
> More flexibility about placing logging notes.
> ==============================================
> Logging into a drawer can now also be set for individual
> subtrees using the `LOG_INTO_DRAWER' property.
> Requested by Daniel J. Sinder
> New reload key
> ===============
> Reloading Org has moved to a new key, `C-c C-x !', and is now
> also available in the agenda.
> Start Agenda with log mode active
> ==================================
> Set the new option `org-agenda-start-with-log-mode' to have
> log mode turned on from the start.  Or set this option for
> specific custom commands.
> Thanks to Benjamin Andresen for a patch to this effect.
> Agenda speed optimizations
> ===========================
> Depending on circumstances, construction the agenda has become a
> lot faster.
> Triggered by Eric S Fraga's reports about using Org on a slow
> computer like a netbook.
> New face for today in agenda
> =============================
> The date that is today can now be highlighted in the agenda by
> customizing the face `org-agenda-date-today'.
> Thanks to Dmitri Minaev for a patch to this effect.
> Properties to disambiguate statistics
> ======================================
> When an entry has both check boxes and TODO children, it is not
> clear what kind of statistics a cookie should show  You can now use
> the `COOKIE_DATA' property to disambiguate, by giving it a value
> "todo" or "checkbox".
> Thanks to Ulf Stegeman, who was persistent enough to push this
> change past my initial resistance.
> Checkboxes and TODO items: recursive statistics
> ================================================
> Setting the variable `org-hierarchical-checkbox-statistics' to
> `nil' will make statistics cookies count all checkboxes in the
> lit hierarchy below it.
> Setting the variable `org-hierarchical-todo-statistics' to
> `nil' will do the same for TODO items.
> To turn on recursive statistics only for a single subtree, add the
> word "recursive" to the `COOKIE_DATA' property.  Note that you
> can have such a property containing both "todo" or "checkbox" for
> disambiguation, and the word "recursive", separated by a space
> character.
> The change for checkboxes was a patch by Richard Klinda.
> New operators for column view
> ==============================
> Column view has new operators for computing the minimum,
> maximum, and mean of property values.
> Thanks to Mikael Fornius for a patch to this effect.
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