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From: Nicolas Goaziou <mail@nicolasgoaziou.fr>
To: Rasmus <rasmus@gmx.us>
Cc: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org
Subject: Re: [org.texi] New keywords tables
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 22:33:53 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <87iodgyki6.fsf@nicolasgoaziou.fr> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <87lhidi2t5.fsf_-_@gmx.us> (rasmus@gmx.us's message of "Tue, 31 Mar 2015 17:50:30 +0200")

Rasmus <rasmus@gmx.us> writes:

> An example of a structure change is attached.  It introduces a table
> similar to @ref{Export settings} in the beginning of most backend
> chapters.
> I have not (re)read it yet, but I want to make sure that we roughly agree
> on the structure before I put more time into it.  It does not touch
> texinfo (yet) 'cause it's complicated.

What is complicated? I find it quite clear. I'm biased, tho.


Thanks. It is a good idea.

> Also I would kill all backend specific keywords from the table in "@node
> In-buffer settings":
>     @itemx #+ODT_STYLES_FILE:,
> It does not contain all HTML KW or any Beamer KW.  IOW it's a mess and the
> true picture here would be ugly.


> +#+TITLE: This is the title of the document
> +#+: This is the title of the document


> +Beamer export introduces a number of keywords, similar to the general options
> +settings described in @pxref{Export settings}.
> +
> +@table @samp
>  @cindex #+BEAMER_THEME
> +@vindex org-beamer-theme
> +The Beamer theme (@code{org-beamer-theme}).  See chapter 15 in the Beamer
> +manual.

I think the user can find references to Beamer's theme in the
appropriate manual by himself.  I suggest to remove the second sentence.

>  @cindex #+BEAMER_FONT_THEME
> +The Beamer font theme.  See chapter 18 in the Beamer manual.


> +The Beamer inner theme.  See chapter 16 in the Beamer manual.


> -Beamer export introduces a number of keywords to insert code in the
> -document's header.  Four control appearance of the presentation:
> -@code{#+BEAMER_THEME}, @code{#+BEAMER_COLOR_THEME},
> -@code{#+BEAMER_FONT_THEME}, @code{#+BEAMER_INNER_THEME} and
> -@code{#+BEAMER_OUTER_THEME}.  All of them accept optional arguments within
> -square brackets.  The last one, @code{#+BEAMER_HEADER}, is more generic and
> -allows you to append any line of code in the header@footnote{Lines are
> -appended at the end of the preamble, allowing for any final customization
> -such as the inclusion of short titles.}.
> +The Beamer outer theme.  See chapter 16 in the Beamer manual.


> +@c This one is probably not needed

Why this comment?

> +@cindex #+BEAMER_HEADER
> +Arbitrary lines appended to the end of the preamble of the document.
> +
> +@cindex #+DESCRIPTION (Beamer)
> +The document description.  By default these are inserted as metadata using
> +hyperref.  You can use several such keywords if the list is long.  See also
> +@code{org-latex-hyperref-template} and @code{org-latex-title-command}.

"See also" is a bit terse. Maybe

  By default these are inserted as metadata using @samp{hyperref}
  package@footnote{You can customize @code{org-latex-hyperref-template}
  to control what data is included in the document.} and can be used to
  build complex titles (see @code{org-latex-title-command} for details).
  You can use several such keywords if the description is long.

> +@item KEYWORDS
> +@cindex #+KEYWORDS (Beamer)
> +The keywords defining the contents of the document.  By default these are
> +inserted as metadata using hyperref.  You can use several such keywords if
> +the list is long.  See also @code{org-latex-hyperref-template} and
> +@code{org-latex-title-command}.
> +@end table
> +
> +This example illustrates how to change the theme.  Note that theme options
> +can be specified in square brackets.

Shouldn't the example be moved earlier, when BEAMER_THEME is discussed?

> +@cindex #+HTML_MATHJAX
> +Options for MathJax (@code{org-html-mathjax-options}).  See also
> +@code{org-html-mathjax-template}.

See above.

> +@cindex #+LATEX_HEADER (HTML)
> +used when transcoding e.g. math formulas to images.

Capital. This may be expanded a bit, i.e., how is it used?

> -@example
> +@exampl


>  [[./img.png]]
>  @end example
> @@ -13144,7 +13294,7 @@ including DocBook.}.
>  @end table
>  @node Document preamble
> -@subsection Document preamble
> +@subsection Texinfo specific syntax



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