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From: Nick Dokos <nicholas.dokos@hp.com>
To: Bernt Hansen <bernt@norang.ca>
Cc: nicholas.dokos@hp.com, emacs-orgmode <emacs-orgmode@gnu.org>,
	Noorul Islam K M <noorul@noorul.com>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] - Fix org-fast-tag-selection
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 17:42:37 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <7243.1333489357@alphaville> (raw)
In-Reply-To: Message from Bernt Hansen <bernt@norang.ca> of "Tue, 03 Apr 2012 12:13:50 EDT." <87sjgkn681.fsf@norang.ca>

Bernt Hansen <bernt@norang.ca> wrote:

> Noorul Islam K M <noorul@noorul.com> writes:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have the following setup similar to Bernt Hansen.
> >
> > (setq org-tag-alist (quote ((:startgroup)
> >                             ("@errand" . ?e)
> >                             ("@office" . ?o)
> >                             ("@home" . ?h)
> >                             (:endgroup)
> >                             ("PHONE" . ?p)
> >                             ("WAITING" . ?w)
> >                             ("HOME" . ?H)
> >                             ("CANCELLED" . ?c)
> >                             ("NOTE" . ?n)
> >                             ("ORG" . ?O))))
> >
> > New when I try to add a new tag with the key press "C-c C-q TAB" from a
> > heading, I get following backtrace.
> >
> > Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument stringp :endgroup)
> I get the same error but I didn't notice since I rarely use C-c C-q TAB.

I'm still not clear why the error happens with :endgroup and not with :startgroup.

There is also the question of which completion mechanism one is using: Noorul seems
to be using ido and that may have something to do with the order in which errors are
found. I am just using the default completing-read mechanism and I get a different
error (even with Noorul's fix, which leads me to believe that there are multiple
problems). I have not tried the iswitchb mechanism.

With completing-read, I do C-c C-q <TAB> and get a prompt in the minibuffer "Tag: "
with no options given. So I press another <TAB> and get the following error:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (invalid-function (:startgroup "@errand" "@office" "@home" :endgroup "PHONE" "WAITING" "HOME" "CANCELLED" "NOTE" "ORG"))
  signal(invalid-function ((:startgroup "@errand" "@office" "@home" :endgroup "PHONE" "WAITING" "HOME" "CANCELLED" "NOTE" "ORG")))
  completion--some(#[257 "\211\f\236A@\300\301\302\303$\207" ["P" (:startgroup "@errand" "@office" "@home" :endgroup "PHONE" "WAITING" "HOME" "CANCELLED" "NOTE" "ORG") nil 1 completion-styles-alist] 6 "\n\n(fn STYLE)"] (basic partial-completion emacs22))
  completion-try-completion("P" (:startgroup "@errand" "@office" "@home" :endgroup "PHONE" "WAITING" "HOME" "CANCELLED" "NOTE" "ORG") nil 1 (metadata))
  call-interactively(minibuffer-complete nil nil)
  read-from-minibuffer("Tag: " nil (keymap (menu-bar keymap (minibuf "Minibuf" keymap (tab menu-item "Complete" minibuffer-complete :help "Complete as far as possible") (space menu-item "Complete Word" minibuffer-complete-word :help "Complete at most one word") (63 menu-item "List Completions" minibuffer-completion-help :help "Display all possible completions") "Minibuf")) (27 keymap (118 . switch-to-completions)) (prior . switch-to-completions) (63 . minibuffer-completion-help) (32 . minibuffer-complete-word) (9 . minibuffer-complete) keymap (menu-bar keymap (minibuf "Minibuf" keymap (previous menu-item "Previous History Item" previous-history-element :help "Put previous minibuffer history element in the minibuffer") (next menu-item "Next History Item" next-history-element :help "Put next
  minibuffer history element in the minibuffer") (isearch-backward menu-item "Isearch History Backward" isearch-backward :help "Incrementally search minibuffer history backward") (isearch-for
 ward menu-item "Isearch History Forward" isearch-forward :help "Incrementally search minibuffer history forward") (return menu-item "Enter" exit-minibuffer :key-sequence "
" :help "Terminate input and exit minibuffer") (quit menu-item "Quit" abort-recursive-edit :help "Abort input and exit minibuffer") "Minibuf")) (10 . exit-minibuffer) (13 . exit-minibuffer) (7 . abort-recursive-edit) (C-tab . file-cache-minibuffer-complete) (9 . self-insert-command) (up . previous-history-element) (prior . previous-history-element) (down . next-history-element) (next . next-history-element) (27 keymap (114 . previous-matching-history-element) (115 . next-matching-history-element) (112 . previous-history-element) (110 . next-history-element))) nil nil nil nil)
  completing-read-default("Tag: " (:startgroup "@errand" "@office" "@home" :endgroup "PHONE" "WAITING" "HOME" "CANCELLED" "NOTE" "ORG") nil nil nil nil nil nil)
  completing-read("Tag: " (:startgroup "@errand" "@office" "@home" :endgroup "PHONE" "WAITING" "HOME" "CANCELLED" "NOTE" "ORG") nil nil nil nil nil nil)
  apply(completing-read ("Tag: " (:startgroup "@errand" "@office" "@home" :endgroup "PHONE" "WAITING" "HOME" "CANCELLED" "NOTE" "ORG")))
  org-icompleting-read("Tag: " (:startgroup "@errand" "@office" "@home" :endgroup "PHONE" "WAITING" "HOME" "CANCELLED" "NOTE" "ORG"))

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