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@ 2009-04-01 14:12 Carsten Dominik
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From: Carsten Dominik @ 2009-04-01 14:12 UTC (permalink / raw)
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Dear all,

I am releasing version 6.25 of Emacs Org-mode.  It has been
almost a month, and I feel that this release is really packed
with good stuff, so please read the release notes carefully.


- Carsten

Changes in Version 6.25

Major new features

DocBook export

We now do have a fully functional DocBook exporter, contributed by
Baoqiu Cui.  Simple press `C-c e D' to export the current file to
DocBook format.  You can also get direct conversion to PDF if you have
made the correct setup, please see the manual for details.

Kudos to Baoqiu for this fantastic addition, and my personal thanks
for doing this in a such a smooth way that I did not have to do
anything myself.

Protocols for external access to Emacs and Org

/org-protocol.el/ is a new module that supersedes both
/org-annotation-helper.el/ and /org-browser.el/ and replaces them
with a more abstracted interface.  /org-protocol/ intercepts
calls from emacsclient to trigger custom actions without external
dependencies.  Only one protocol has to be configured with your
external applications or the operating system, to trigger an
arbitrary number of custom actions. Just register your custom
sub-protocol and handler with the new variable

org-protocol comes the with three standard protocol handlers (in
parenthesis the name of the sub-protocol):
`org-protocol-remember' (`remember'): Trigger remember
`org-protocol-store-link' (`store-link'): Store a link
`org-protocol-open-source' (`open-source'): Find the local
      source of a remote web page.

Passing data to emacs is now as easy as calling

emacsclient org-protocol://sub-protocol://data

For more information see the [online documentation]

Thanks to Sebastian Rose for this really beautiful module.

[online documentation]: http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/org-protocol.php

Inline tasks

Inline tasks are tasks that have all the properties of normal
outline nodes, including the ability to store meta data like
scheduling dates, TODO state, tags and properties.  But these
tasks are not meant to introduce additional outline structure, at
least as far as visibility cycling and export is concerned.  They
are useful for adding tasks in extensive pieces of text where
interruption of the flow or restructuring is unwanted.

This feature is not turned on by default, you need to configure
`org-modules' to turn it on, or simply add to you .emacs file:

(require 'org-inlinetask)

After that, tasks with level 15 (30 stars when using
org-odd-levels-only) will be treated as inline tasks, and
fontification will make obvious which tasks are treated in this

Input from RSS feeds

Org can now collect tasks from an RSS feed, a great method to get
stuff from online call and note-taking services into your trusted
system.  You need to configure the feeds in the variable
`org-feed-alist'.  The manual contains a short description, more
detailed information is [available on Worg].

Full credit goes to Brad Bozarth who really [paved the way] for this
exciting new feature.

[available on Worg]: http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/org-feed.php
[paved the way]: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/12251


Allow modification of table attributes in HTML export

The #+ATTR_HTML line can now be used to set attributes for a
table.  Attributes listed in that line will replace existing
attributes in `org-export-html-table-tag', or will add new ones.
For example

#+ATTR_HTML: border="2" rules="all" frame="all"
#+CAPTION: Finally a table with lines!
| a | b |
| 1 | 2 |

LaTeX low levels are now exported as itemize lists

LaTeX export now treats hierarchy levels 4,5, etc as itemize
lists, not as description lists as before.  This is more
consistent with the behavior of HTML export.  You can configure
this behavior using the variable `org-export-latex-low-levels'.

Markup for centering.

Text can be exported centered with

   Everything should be made as simple as possible,
   but not any simpler

Sitemap file is now /sitemap.org/

Org-publish can produce a list of all files in a project.
Previously the file containing this list was called "index.org",
really a brain-dead default because during publication it would
overwrite the "index.html" file of the website.

The default file name is now "sitemap.org"

Protect explicit target links in HTML export

If a link is `[[#name] [desc]]', the href produced when exporting
the file will be exactly href="#name".  So starting a link target
with # will indicate that there will be an explicit target for

HTML export: Allow "- ___" to explicitly terminate a list

If a list contains "- ___" (three underscores) as an item, this
terminates the list, ignoring this item.  This is an experimental
feature, it may disappear again if we find other ways to deal
with literal examples right after lists.

See [this mailing list thread] for context.

[this mailing list thread]: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/12299/focus%3D12312


Changing the time of an entry from the agenda

We now have a way to change not only the date, but also the start
time of an entry from the agenda.  The date is normally changed
with S-right/left.  Now, if you add a C-u prefix, the hour will
be changed.  If you immediately press S-right/left again, hours
will continue to be changed.  A double prefix will do the same
for minutes.  If the entry has a time range like 14:40-16:00,
then both times will change, preserving the length of the

Show saved PDF agenda view with prefix arg

When writing an agenda view to a PDF file, supplying a a prefix
argument (`C-u C-x C-w') will get the new file displayed

This was a request by Alan E Davis.

Filter for entries with no effort defined

During secondary agenda filtering, pressing "?" now will install a
filter that selects entries which do not have an effort defined.

This new model was necessary because we needed to stop interpreting
entries with no effort defines as 0 effort.  This was inconsistent,
because for normal agenda sorting, the treatment of these entries
depends on the variable `org-sort-agenda-noeffort-is-high'.  Now this
variable is also respected during filtering.

This new feature resulted from a [discussion] with Matt Lundin and
Bernt Hansen.

[discussion]: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/12493

Introduce user-defined sorting operators

The new variable `org-agenda-cmp-user-defined' can contain a
function to test how two entries should be compared during
sorting.  The symbols `user-defined-up' and `user-defined-down'
can then be part of any sorting strategy.

This was a request by Samuel Wales.

Indentation of subitems in the agenda

When a tags/property match does match an entry and it's
sublevels, the sublevels used to be indented by dots, to indicate
that the matches likely result from tag inheritance.  This is now
no longer the default, so the subitems will not get special
indentation.  You can get this behavior back with

(setq org-tags-match-list-sublevels 'indented)

Stuck projects search now searches subtrees of unstuck projects

When, during a stuck-project search, a project tree is identified
as not stuck, so far the search would continue after the end of
the project tree.  From now on, the search continues in the
subtree, so that stuck subprojects can still be identified.


Citations: Use RefTeX to insert citations

RefTeX can now be used to create a citation in Org-mode buffers.
Setup the buffer with

   #+BIBLIOGRAPHY: bibbase style

and create citations with `C-c C-x ['.

Together with org-exp-bibtex.el by Taru Karttunen (available as a
contributed package), this provides a great environment for
including citations into HTML and LaTeX documents.

Changing time ranges as a block

When using the S-cursor keys to change the first time in a time
range like

<2009-04-01 Wed 14:40-16:40>

then the end time will change along, so that the duration of the
event will stay the same.

This was a request by Anupam Sengupta.

New sparse tree command

A new sparse tree command shows entries with times after a certain
date.  Keys are `C-c / a', this command is for symmetry
with `C-c / b'.

Cloning tasks

A new command allows to create clone copies of the current entry,
with shifted dates in all stamps in the entry.  This is useful to
create, for example, a series of entries for a limited time
period.  I am using it to prepare lectures, for example.

New face for checkboxes

Checkboxes now have their own face, `org-checkbox'.  This can be
used for nice effects, for example choosing a face with a box
around it:

    (org-checkbox ((t (:background "#444444" :foreground "white"
                   :box (:line-width 1 :style released-button)))))

M-a and M-e for navigation in a table field

In tables fields, the sentence commands `M-a' and `M-e' are
redefined to jump to the beginning or end of the field.

This was a request by Bastien Guerry.

Backup files for remember buffers

Sometimes users report that they lost data when not immediately
storing a new remember note, and then later exiting Emacs or
starting a new remember process.

Now you can set the variable `org-remember-backup-directory'.
Each remember buffer created will then get its own unique file
name in that directory, and the file will be removed only if the
storing of the note to an Org files was successful.

org-mac-message.el: New functions to access flagged mail

Christopher Suckling has added functionality to
/org-mac-message.el/.  In particular, you can now select a number
of messages and easily get links to all of them with a single
command.  For details, see the [online documentation].

[online documentation]: http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/org-mac-message.php

Read-date: New hook

The new hook `org-read-date-minibuffer-setup-hook' is called when
setting up the minibuffer for reading a date.  If can be used to
install new keys into the temporary keymap used there.

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