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From: Max Nikulin <manikulin@gmail.com>
To: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org
Subject: Re: Lazy load of org-protocol
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2022 23:42:11 +0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <stotp5$lfe$1@ciao.gmane.io> (raw)
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On 06/02/2022 01:27, Jim Porter wrote:
> On 2/5/2022 3:54 AM, Max Nikulin wrote:
> etc/emacsclient-mail.desktop in the Emacs repo does this.) The command 
> to use for a new Emacs instance is simple:
>    emacs -f message-mailto %u
> However, doing this for emacsclient is harder:
>    emacsclient --alternate-editor= --create-frame --eval 
> "(message-mailto \\"%u\\")"
> There's no problem with "--alternate-editor=" and "--create-frame", but 
> the fact that emacsclient requires evaling the function call that way 
> is: if %u holds a string with quotation marks, this will break, and 
> worse, could even result in arbitrary code being executed. (In practice, 
> this is probably rare, since URLs are generally URL-encoded, and so 
> don't have literal quotes in them.)

Thank you for suggesting another use case.

Quoting issues was the reason why I started to search a better way. 
There should be an easy and safe means to pass argument from command 
line to evaluated expressions similar to shell
     sh -c 'echo "$1"' example 'Hello, World!'

Some people could not even choose proper quotes for shell command:
First recipe and the accepted answer in second source solves the obvious 
problem but they miss escaping for elisp expression. Another answer on 
stackoverflow is more accurate, it suggests
     quoted1=${1//\\/\\\\}; quoted1=${quoted1//\"/\\\"}
I suppose, these links is a good illustration that substitution of 
arbitrary argument into lisp expression is harder than it should be to 
help users to avoid security issues.

> As a result, I think a good first step might be to add support for 
> "--funcall" to emacsclient, just like the regular emacs binary. (The 
> "-f" shorthand won't work though, since emacsclient already uses that 
> for "--server-file"). This would simplify the `message-mailto' case 
> above and would also allow org-protocol to do something similar:
>    emacsclient --funcall org-protocol-capture %u

No, --funcall is just a sugar for --eval '(func)' that does not contain 
arbitrary input, but func has no access to other arguments and it is the 
real problem.

I think, the solution is to add -arg command to emacs server protocol 
that pushes its argument to a list and extend -exec command that would 
make such list available as argv or as `command-line-args-left' for 
evaluated expression. Of course, emacsclient option parser should be 
modified as well to support --arg option
      emacsclient --eval '(func)' --arg 1 2 3
      emacsclient --eval '(func)' --arg -- 1 2 3
and maybe even for multiple eval+arg pairs
      emacsclient --eval '(f1)' --arg 'a1' --eval '(f2)' --arg 'a2' 'a3'

The proper place to discuss idea is emacs-devel list, but I am afraid 
that without a patch it will be just buried.

>    emacsclient --eval "(org-protocol-capture \\"%u\\")"

Due to quoting issues a small wrapper may be safer (modulo -a, -c)

     emacsclient --eval "(require 'org-protocol)"
     emacsclient -- "$@"

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