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From: Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support>
To: stardiviner <numbchild@gmail.com>
Cc: Bastien <bzg@gnu.org>,
	julien@danjou.info, Org-mode <emacs-orgmode@gnu.org>
Subject: Re: More on design of org-contacts.el - Re: [UPDATED PATCH] Re: add new link type "contact:" for org-contacts.el
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 09:34:01 +0300	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <X7Nu2RzpyEgHi/Cg@protected.rcdrun.com> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <5fb25297.1c69fb81.324bc.4979@mx.google.com>

* stardiviner <numbchild@gmail.com> [2020-11-16 13:21]:
:ID:       e2c30814-b983-4391-869a-3c700d041467
> First, thank your very much for suggestion.
> What really I have not found your email in my Gmail (in web
> browser),

Maybe because it went to Spam/Junk folder. For privacy and safety
reasons I do not recommend using Gmail at all.

I may recommend using your own email address, requires some money, or
https://posteo.de/ https://tutanota.de/ or https://protonmail.ch/

> I found it in mu4e (Emacs). Which I can't reply because I'm in
> China, sendmail to Gmail SMTP server is blocked. So I'm replying you
> in mu4e. Don't know whether you can receive my message.

I wish I could understand, mu4e is only local system that searches
emails on your computer. How you send emails depends on your email
provider. Maybe you fetch mailing list to search for emails?

> Using unique ID is the only solution to identity contact. I already thought
> about this. But integrating org-id is hard for me. Have not spent that time on
> it yet. But I will, if I want to improve this org-contacts.

If I may just give idea. I am using this below function to
automatically get ID numbers for headings. Normally it is by
saving. Maybe you can do something to automatically insert such
number. I do not know if heading is contact, but if it is, it becomes
all easier.

(defun rcd-org-add-ids-to-headlines-in-file ()
  "Add ID properties to all headlines in the current file which
do not already have one."
  (org-map-entries 'org-id-get-create))

> > Each hyperdocument (within or without Emacs) that allows back linking
> > to its specifical parts should have a function or key binding to
> > quickly obtain the link reference.

Once you have decided how is contact referenced as now is referenced
by query, I could maybe figure how to obtain the reference.

It should not be that hard:

- find the current heading

- find current ID number

- how link should look like could be customizable, maybe heading as
  visible part. That requires discussion.

- prepare link into memory for pasting in other window or document.

- it should also be possible to insert such into register.

- the option to obtain link by query should be kept intact

Maybe two keybindings or functions can be made:

** Proposal
:ID:       a566d476-f478-44d8-8d91-53f6eccca10b

1. One that finds the current heading and obtains the link

(defun capture-contact-by-query-to-heading ()
  (let* ((heading (org-get-heading))
         (link (format "[[org-contact:query#%s][%s]]" heading heading)))
    (kill-new link)))


=> [[org-contact:query#Proposal][Proposal]]

And such function should be expanded and be customizable:

- maybe user wish to provide format string as maybe user wish to know
  visually that link leads to contact like:

=> [[org-contact:query#John Doe][Contact: John Doe]]

2. One that finds currentheading by its ID and obtains the link:

(defun capture-contact-by-id-to-heading-1 ()
  (let* ((heading (org-get-heading))
         (id (org-id-get))
         (link (format "[[org-contact:id#%s][%s]]" id heading)))

(defun capture-contact-by-id-to-heading ()
  (kill-new (capture-contact-by-id-to-heading-1)))


=> [[org-contact:id#a566d476-f478-44d8-8d91-53f6eccca10b][Proposal]]

These are design ideas only. You may expand and make checks on these
functions that such work properly.

Additional functions that may be very usable is to quickly send links
to other window. User is collecting the database of contacts in one
file and one window and wishes to insert links into other window that
references such contacts. In that file where you need a link you would
arrive with cursor. Then you go to database of contacts and invoke a
key that sends the yanked org link into other window.

(defun contact-yank-link-in-other-window ()
  (let ((link (capture-contact-by-id-to-heading-1)))
    (kill-new link)
    (other-window 1)
    (other-window 1)
    (message "Yanked link: %s to other window" link)))

It is up to you to expand or think on this as it is design
proposal. Not finalized function or feature. When we wish to
reference things we need it quick and fast.

Org mode in general needs these types of functions:

- to automatically obtain ANY link from Org mode to the heading
  and not just for users to write the link by hand. Examples are:

  - link to specific line
  - link to query, when text is marked, that link may be constructed,
    and also if necessary quickly inserted in other window (we use
    links to reference from same buffer to same buffer or from other
    buffer and file to other files). Such query could be automatically
    minimized that it does not carry all the marked words. Few words
    could be enough.

  - link to any heading or subheading by its name

  - link to any heading by its ID or CUSTOM_ID

  - and so on, there shall be various lists of links that can be
    quickly constructed and killed into memory or yanked into other

- to automatically yank the link from one window to other window
  as that helps to user to construct references.

Then in general, ALL programs that allow any kind of referencing such
as opening PDF file by specific query, specific page, playing video at
specific time, or for specific short period of time, should provide
automated way of obtaining such structures to create hyperlinks.

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