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From: "Xianwen Chen (陈贤文)" <xianwen.chen@gmail.com>
To: Diego Zamboni <diego@zzamboni.org>
Cc: Org-mode <emacs-orgmode@gnu.org>, "Christine Köhn" <christine@chark.eu>
Subject: Re: Exam LaTeX class
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2021 16:33:07 +0000	[thread overview]
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Dear Diego,


I slightly modified your solution.

I added the #+INCLUDE line to the end of #+LATEX_HEADER, because then it 
will overwrite any previous \printanswers and \noprintanswers defined in 



#+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage{hyperref}
#+INCLUDE: ./latex-exam-printanswers-switch.org

I used the file name latex-exam-printanswers-switch.org, instead of 
printanswers.org, because it gives a better indication of what it does.

I used your function as it was, except that I changed the function name 
and updated the switch org file.

(defun org-latex-export-to-pdf-exam ()
   (write-region "#+LATEX_HEADER: \\printanswers" nil 
   (rename-file (org-export-output-file-name ".pdf") 
(org-export-output-file-name "-with_answers.pdf"))
   (write-region "" nil "latex-exam-printanswers-switch.org")

It works very fine!

Have a nice Easter!

Yours sincerely,


On 2021-03-24 13:16, Diego Zamboni wrote:

> Hi Xianwen,
> I think the easiest way to conditionally include text in the preamble 
> of the document would be by including a file which can be empty 
> sometimes, and contain the appropriate text when needed. For example, 
> you could have something like this in your Org file:
>> #+include: ./printanswers.org [1]
>> #+TITLE: Test
>> ...
> Then the following function will automatically export the file twice, 
> one with the \printanswers command inserted then rename the resulting 
> file, and export again without:
>> (defun org-latex-export-exams ()
>> (interactive)
>> (write-region "#+latex_header: \\printanswers" nil "printanswers.org 
>> [1]")
>> (org-latex-export-to-pdf)
>> (rename-file (org-export-output-file-name ".pdf") 
>> (org-export-output-file-name "-with_answers.pdf"))
>> (write-region "" nil "printanswers.org [1]")
>> (org-latex-export-to-pdf))
> You can then run M-x org-latex-export-exams to generate both files.
> Hope this helps,
> --Diego
> On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 11:21 AM Xianwen Chen (陈贤文) 
> <xianwen.chen@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Christine (and CC list),
> Thank you!
> On 2021-03-19 10:13, Christine Köhn wrote:
> Here is one way to do the latex part. You could pass a jobname to 
> latex.
> I have this
> \IfEndWith*{\jobname}{withsolution}{%
> \usepackage{todonotes}
> \printanswers
> }{\usepackage[disable]{todonotes}}
> in a myexam.sty file to switch between modes (with or without solutions
> and todo notes) and use it in the latex file with
> \usepackage{myexam}
> You could add your own latex class to org-latex-classes and add this
> line there.
> The jobname has to be passed to latex with something like -jobname
> withsolution if you want it to be with solutions. I use a Makefile for
> this purpose which calls latexmk
> latexmk -pdf -pdflatex="pdflatex --interaction=errorstopmode" -use-make
> and adds -jobname=$(basename $@) if asked to create a pdf ending with
> withsolution.pdf. I can send you the Makefile if you're interested.
> That's very interesting way to solve the problem using LaTeX. Thank you 
> for sharing this. At the moment I'm leaning more towards solving it 
> using emacs lisp.
> To use the jobname from within orgmode, you'll have to change
> org-latex-pdf-process to use the jobname if needed. I think one way to
> achieve this is to add a new export backend which is derived from latex
> (see org-export-define-derived-backend) and which sets
> org-latex-pdf-process accordingly (and resets it afterwards).
> Thank you again. I'm thinking of a function like following. I'm using 
> comments to express the programming detail that I don't know how to do 
> yet.
> (deffun org-latex-export-to-pdf-exam ()
> (interactive)
> # do some emacs lisp to add \printanswers to the end of org document 
> header, i.e., adding a line of #+LATEX_HEADER: \printanswers
> (org-latex-export-to-pdf)
> # do some emacs lips to move the foo.pdf to foo-with_solutions.pdf
> # do some emacs lisp to add \noprintanswers to the end of org document 
> header, i.e., removing the line of #+LATEX_HEADER: \printanswers and 
> adding a line of #+LATEX_HEADER: \noprintanswers
> (org-latex-export-to-pdf)
> # remove the line of #+LATEX_HEADER: \noprintanswers
> )
> I don't know enough emacs lisp to fill in the details here for now. 
> However, I think this would be a way to do it within emacs. So each 
> time I call org-latex-export-to-pdf-exam, it would export two PDF 
> files, one with solutions and one without.
> What do you think?
> Yours sincerely,
> Xianwen

[1] http://printanswers.org

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