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From: Angel de Vicente <angel.vicente.garrido@gmail.com>
To: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org
Subject: Re: Do not show a TODO item in the global TODO list until certain date?
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 12:11:28 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <87sfksq4db.fsf@gmail.com> (raw)
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Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@gmail.com> writes:

> Also, I am doing something similar in my personal config using
> SHOWFROMDATE property. See
> https://github.com/yantar92/emacs-config/blob/master/config.org#properties
> for inspiration.

I tried the following but without success... my Emacs Lisp lack of
knowledge is showing here...

I copied your code from
into my .emacs and eval-ed it.
| (add-to-list 'org-default-properties "SHOWFROMDATE")
| (bind-key "C-c C-f" #'org-command-set-SHOWFROMDATE-property org-mode-map)
| (bind-key "C-c C-f" #'org-command-set-SHOWFROMDATE-property org-agenda-mode-map)
| (add-to-list 'org-agenda-bulk-custom-functions '(?F org-command-set-SHOWFROMDATE-property))
| (defun org-command-set-SHOWFROMDATE-property (&optional arg)
|   "Command to set :SHOWFROMDATE property for the org entry at point.
| 	 If NOT-IN-AGENDA is not nil, do not check whether we are in agenda now."
|   (interactive "P")
|   (if (equal major-mode 'org-agenda-mode)
|       (progn
| 	(org-agenda-check-no-diary)
| 	(let* ((marker (or (org-get-at-bol 'org-marker)
| 			   (org-agenda-error)))
| 	       (buffer (marker-buffer marker))
| 	       (pos (marker-position marker))
| 	       (inhibit-read-only t)
| 	       ts)
| 	  (org-with-remote-undo buffer
| 	    (with-current-buffer buffer
| 	      (widen)
| 	      (goto-char pos)
| 	      ;; (org-fold-show-context 'agenda)
| 	      (funcall-interactively 'org-command-set-SHOWFROMDATE-property arg)
| 	      (setq ts (org-entry-get (point) "SHOWFROMDATE")))
| 	    (org-agenda-show-new-time marker ts " P"))))
|     (let ((property "SHOWFROMDATE"))
|       (if (equal arg '(4))
| 	  (org-entry-delete (point) property)
| 	(let ((value (org-read-property-value property))
| 	      (fn (cdr (assoc-string property org-properties-postprocess-alist t))))
| 	  (setq org-last-set-property property)
| 	  (setq org-last-set-property-value (concat property ": " value))
| 	  ;; Possibly postprocess the inserted value:
| 	  (when fn (setq value (funcall fn value)))
| 	  (unless (equal (org-entry-get nil property) value)
| 	    (org-entry-put nil property value)))))))
| (defun org-set-SHOWFROMDATE-property (PROMPT &rest args)
|   "Read :SHOWFROMDATE: property."
|   (org-read-date nil nil nil PROMPT))
| (add-to-list 'org-property-set-functions-alist '("SHOWFROMDATE" . org-set-SHOWFROMDATE-property))
| (defun org-agenda-skip-before-SHOWFROMDATE-property ()
|   "Skip agenda item if :SHOWFROMDATE: property is set and the day is before it"
|   (when-let* ((showfromdate (if (bound-and-true-p org-ql--current-element)
|                                 (org-element-property :SHOWFROMDATE (org-element-lineage org-ql--current-element '(headline) t))
|                               (org-entry-get (point) "SHOWFROMDATE")))
|               (showfromdate (unless (seq-empty-p showfromdate) (ts-parse-org showfromdate)))
| 	      (currenttime (ts-now)))
|     (ts< currenttime showfromdate)))

Then, I defined a test custom command:
| (setq org-agenda-custom-commands
|       '(("h" "Agenda and tasks"
| 	 ((agenda "" ((org-agenda-skip-function 'org-agenda-skip-before-SHOWFROMDATE-property)))
|           (alltodo "" ((org-agenda-skip-function 'org-agenda-skip-before-SHOWFROMDATE-property)))))))

together with a test TODO item:

| ** TODO test                                                       :personal:
|    :SHOWFROMDATE: 2022-10-16
|    :END:

But the "test" still shows in the TODO list. Am I missing something
basic here?

Thanks for your help. Cheers,
Ángel de Vicente
 Research Software Engineer (Supercomputing and BigData)
 Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (https://www.iac.es/en)

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