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From: Friedrich Delgado <friedel@nomaden.org>
To: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org
Subject: Bug: icalendar export skips todos with a scheduled time-range [7.8.11]
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 14:36:00 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <87lihdd7bj.fsf@orion.pre-sense.de> (raw)


If I have an org-file containing a todo with a scheduled date range, like

,----[ foo.org ]
  *** TODO Weekend with the lads
      SCHEDULED: <2012-05-04 Fr>--<2012-05-08 Di>

and try to export it via org-export-icalendar-this-file, the resulting
foo.ics will look like this

,----[ foo.ics ]
  PRODID:-//Friedrich Delgado//Emacs with Org-mode//EN

(i.e.: contain no appointments at all)

I think the responsible section of code may reside in
[[file:/usr/share/emacs23/site-lisp/org-mode/org-icalendar.el::defun%20org-print-icalendar-entries][Function: org-print-icalendar-entries]]

(org-link for your convenience, I hope), more specifically starting
with line 360:

      (if (looking-at re2)
        (goto-char (match-end 0))
        (setq ts2 (match-string 1)
              inc (not (string-match "[0-9]\\{1,2\\}:[0-9][0-9]" ts2))))
        (setq tmp (buffer-substring (max (point-min)
                         (- pos org-ds-keyword-length))
          ts2 (if (string-match "[0-9]\\{1,2\\}:[0-9][0-9]-\\([0-9]\\{1,2\\}:[0-9][0-9]\\)" ts)
                (setq inc nil)
                (replace-match "\\1" t nil ts))
          deadlinep (string-match org-deadline-regexp tmp)
          scheduledp (string-match org-scheduled-regexp tmp)
          todo (org-get-todo-state)
          ;; donep (org-entry-is-done-p)

From my basic understanding of the code-flow it looks like re2 ==
(concat "--?-?\\(" org-ts-regexp "\\)") is meant to match date-ranges,
but the code in the t branch of the if doesn't set deadlinep,
schedulep and todo, preventing all further processing of the entry.

But I may be wrong about the intentions of that function.

See also http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=668496

Emacs  : GNU Emacs 23.4.1 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll bars)
 of 2012-04-07 on trouble, modified by Debian
Package: Org-mode version 7.8.11

current state:
 org-export-latex-after-initial-vars-hook '(org-beamer-after-initial-vars)
 org-speed-command-hook '(org-speed-command-default-hook org-babel-speed-command-hook)
 org-metaup-hook '(org-babel-load-in-session-maybe)
 org-after-todo-state-change-hook '(org-clock-out-if-current)
 org-export-latex-format-toc-function 'org-export-latex-format-toc-default
 org-tab-first-hook '(org-hide-block-toggle-maybe org-src-native-tab-command-maybe
 org-src-mode-hook '(org-src-babel-configure-edit-buffer
 org-confirm-shell-link-function 'yes-or-no-p
 org-export-first-hook '(org-beamer-initialize-open-trackers)
 org-agenda-before-write-hook '(org-agenda-add-entry-text)
 org-babel-pre-tangle-hook '(save-buffer)
 org-cycle-hook '(org-cycle-hide-archived-subtrees org-cycle-hide-drawers
		  org-cycle-show-empty-lines org-optimize-window-after-visibility-change)
 org-export-preprocess-before-normalizing-links-hook '(org-remove-file-link-modifiers)
 org-mode-hook '(#[nil "\300\301\302\303\304$\207"
		   [org-add-hook change-major-mode-hook org-show-block-all append local]
		 #[nil "\300\301\302\303\304$\207"
		   [org-add-hook change-major-mode-hook org-babel-show-result-all append
		 org-babel-result-hide-spec org-babel-hide-all-hashes)
 org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c-hook '(org-babel-hash-at-point org-babel-execute-safely-maybe)
 org-confirm-elisp-link-function 'yes-or-no-p
 org-export-interblocks '((src org-babel-exp-non-block-elements))
 org-clock-out-hook '(org-clock-remove-empty-clock-drawer)
 org-occur-hook '(org-first-headline-recenter)
 org-export-preprocess-before-selecting-backend-code-hook '(org-beamer-select-beamer-code)
 org-export-latex-final-hook '(org-beamer-amend-header org-beamer-fix-toc
 org-metadown-hook '(org-babel-pop-to-session-maybe)
 org-export-blocks '((src org-babel-exp-src-block nil)
		     (export-comment org-export-blocks-format-comment t)
		     (ditaa org-export-blocks-format-ditaa nil)
		     (dot org-export-blocks-format-dot nil))
        Friedrich Delgado <friedel@nomaden.org>
Laziness led to the invention of the most useful tools.

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