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From: Matt Huszagh <huszaghmatt@gmail.com>
To: "emacs-orgmode@gnu.org" <emacs-orgmode@gnu.org>
Subject: Re: babel latex headers and image generation commands
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2020 13:19:15 -0800	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <871rrayrsc.fsf@gmail.com> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <874kw6ztr9.fsf@gmail.com>

Ok, here's an implementation that seems to be working pretty well so

`org-latex-img-process` is the new customization. Most of the execute
function is unaltered, but I've added the condition:
             ((and (not imagemagick)
                   (assoc extension org-latex-img-process))

Here's the change in full.

    (setq org-latex-pdf-process
          '("latexmk -f -interaction=nonstopmode -output-directory=%o %f"))

    (setq org-latex-img-process
          '(("svg" . ("dvisvgm %f -P -n -b min -o %O"))))

    (defun org-babel-execute:latex (body params)
      "Execute a block of Latex code with Babel.
This function is called by `org-babel-execute-src-block'."
      (setq body (org-babel-expand-body:latex body params))
      (if (cdr (assq :file params))
          (let* ((out-file (cdr (assq :file params)))
	         (extension (file-name-extension out-file))
	         (tex-file (org-babel-temp-file "latex-" ".tex"))
	         (border (cdr (assq :border params)))
	         (imagemagick (cdr (assq :imagemagick params)))
	         (im-in-options (cdr (assq :iminoptions params)))
	         (im-out-options (cdr (assq :imoutoptions params)))
	         (fit (or (cdr (assq :fit params)) border))
	         (height (and fit (cdr (assq :pdfheight params))))
	         (width (and fit (cdr (assq :pdfwidth params))))
	         (headers (cdr (assq :headers params)))
	         (in-buffer (not (string= "no" (cdr (assq :buffer params)))))
	          (append (cdr (assq :packages params)) org-latex-packages-alist)))
             ((and (string-suffix-p ".png" out-file) (not imagemagick))
               body out-file org-format-latex-options in-buffer))
             ((string-suffix-p ".tikz" out-file)
	      (when (file-exists-p out-file) (delete-file out-file))
	      (with-temp-file out-file
	        (insert body)))
             ((and (not imagemagick)
                   (assoc extension org-latex-img-process))
              (with-temp-file tex-file
                (insert (concat
	                  (org-export-get-environment (org-export-get-backend 'latex))
                         (if headers
			     (concat "\n"
				     (if (listp headers)
				         (mapconcat #'identity headers "\n")
				       headers) "\n")
              (let ((tmp-pdf (org-babel-latex-tex-to-pdf tex-file)))
                (when (file-exists-p out-file) (delete-file out-file))
                (let* ((log-buf (get-buffer-create "*Org Babel LaTeX Output*"))
                       (err-msg "fix")
                       (img-out (org-compile-file
                                 (cdr (assoc "svg" org-latex-img-process))
                                 extension err-msg log-buf)))
                  (shell-command (format "mv %s %s" img-out out-file)))))
	     ((and (or (string= "svg" extension)
		       (string= "html" extension))
	           (executable-find org-babel-latex-htlatex))
	      ;; TODO: this is a very different way of generating the
	      ;; frame latex document than in the pdf case.  Ideally, both
	      ;; would be unified.  This would prevent bugs creeping in
	      ;; such as the one fixed on Aug 16 2014 whereby :headers was
	      ;; not included in the SVG/HTML case.
	      (with-temp-file tex-file
	        (insert (concat
		         (mapconcat (lambda (pkg)
				      (concat "\\usepackage" pkg))
		         (if headers
			     (concat "\n"
				     (if (listp headers)
				         (mapconcat #'identity headers "\n")
				       headers) "\n")
	      (when (file-exists-p out-file) (delete-file out-file))
	      (let ((default-directory (file-name-directory tex-file)))
	        (shell-command (format "%s %s" org-babel-latex-htlatex tex-file)))
	       ((file-exists-p (concat (file-name-sans-extension tex-file) "-1.svg"))
	        (if (string-suffix-p ".svg" out-file)
		      (shell-command "pwd")
		      (shell-command (format "mv %s %s"
					     (concat (file-name-sans-extension tex-file) "-1.svg")
	          (error "SVG file produced but HTML file requested")))
	       ((file-exists-p (concat (file-name-sans-extension tex-file) ".html"))
	        (if (string-suffix-p ".html" out-file)
		    (shell-command "mv %s %s"
			           (concat (file-name-sans-extension tex-file)
	          (error "HTML file produced but SVG file requested")))))
	     ((or (string= "pdf" extension) imagemagick)
	      (with-temp-file tex-file
	        (require 'ox-latex)
		     (lambda (el)
		       (unless (and (listp el) (string= "hyperref" (cadr el)))
	         (if fit "\n\\usepackage[active, tightpage]{preview}\n" "")
	         (if border (format "\\setlength{\\PreviewBorder}{%s}" border) "")
	         (if height (concat "\n" (format "\\pdfpageheight %s" height)) "")
	         (if width  (concat "\n" (format "\\pdfpagewidth %s" width))   "")
	         (if headers
		     (concat "\n"
			     (if (listp headers)
			         (mapconcat #'identity headers "\n")
			       headers) "\n")
	         (if fit
		     (concat "\n\\begin{document}\n\\begin{preview}\n" body
	           (concat "\n\\begin{document}\n" body "\n\\end{document}\n"))))
              (when (file-exists-p out-file) (delete-file out-file))
	      (let ((transient-pdf-file (org-babel-latex-tex-to-pdf tex-file)))
	         ((string= "pdf" extension)
	          (rename-file transient-pdf-file out-file))
	           transient-pdf-file out-file im-in-options im-out-options)
	          (when (file-exists-p transient-pdf-file)
		    (delete-file transient-pdf-file)))
	          (error "Can not create %s files, please specify a .png or .pdf file or try the :imagemagick header argument"
            nil) ;; signal that output has already been written to file

What do people think? This gives you much more control over how the
latex is compiled and reuses existing functionality for previews.

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