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I have uploaded release 6.28.  Once more I urge you to read
the release notes carefully, there are many very interesting changes.


- Carsten

Changes in Version 6.28

Agenda changes

Refiling now works from the agenda

The command `C-c C-w' can be executed to refile an entry shown in
the agenda.  After the command, the entry will no longer be shown
in the agenda.  It it is still in an agenda file, refresh the
agenda to bring it up from it's new context.

Bulk action

You can now use the `s' key to select entries in the agenda.
When one or more entries have been selected, the `B' key will
execute an action on all selected entries.  I believe this bulk
action makes mainly sense for the commands that require answering
interactive prompts.  So far the supported actions are

  - Refile all selected entries to a single destination
  - Archive all selected entries
  - Set the TODO state of all selected entries, bypassing any
    blocking or note-taking.
  - Add or remove a tag to/from all selected entries

We can add more actions, if you convince me they make sense.

Improvements related to `#+begin' blocks

Indented blocks

`#+begin_ ... +#end_...' blocks may now be indented along
with the structure of your document.  So the `#+' lines no
longer need to start in column 0, these lines can be, along
with the block contents, indented arbitrarily.  Org supports
this during editing with "C-c '", and now finally treats them
consistently during export across all backends.  This makes
these blocks work much better with plain list structure
editing, and it also looks better if you like to indent text
under outline headings.  For example:

   *** This is some headline
       here we have an example

       - a plain list
         - a sublist item
           - a second sublist item

centering within the plain list item

          This example does terminate the sublist,
          the indentation of the #+begin line counts.

       - but the top level plain lists continues here

 From now on, the indentation of such a block decides whether
it is part of a plain list item or if it is actually
terminating the list.  This was so far inconsistent between
editing behavior and export, now it is consistent.

The content of the block, i.e. the text between the #+ lines
gets an extra indentation of two space characters, which I
find visually pleasing.  You can change the amount of extra
indentation using the variable

This was a pretty complex change, achieved in many small
steps over the last couple of weeks.  It cleans up one of the
more annoying inconsistencies in Org.  I hope it will work,
but I am sure you will let me know if not.

Indented tables

Also tables can be fully indented now.  What is new here is
that the `#+TBLFM' line, and also things like `#+caption',
`#+label', `#+attr_...' etc can be indented along with the
table.  Again, this makes the look of the document better and
allows for proper plain list structure editing.

Protected blocks

Some `#+begin_ ... +#end_...' blocks contain text that should not
be processed like normal Org-mode text.  `example' and `src'
block fall into this class, and so do `ditaa' blocks, for
example.  The content in such blocks is now properly fontified in
a single face (called `org-block').  This was a frequently
requested feature.  The list of blocks that should be protected
from normal Org-mode fontification is defined in the variable
`org-protecting-blocks'.  Modules defining new blocks should add
to this variable when needed.  `org-exp-blocks.el' does this

Hide and show the contents of blocks

Blocks can now be folded and unfolded with `TAB'.  If you
want to have all blocks folded on startup, customize
`org-hide-block-startup' or use the `#+STARTUP' options
`hideblocks' or `showblocks' to overrule this variable on a
per-file basis.

Thanks to Eric Schulte for a patch to this effect.

Moved Eric Schulte's org-exp-blocks.el into the core

This seems to be getting a lot of use now, so it is now part of
the core and loaded automatically.  This package can now also be
used to define new blocks.  Customize the variable
`org-export-blocks' or use the function

New and updated contributed modules

org-export-generic.el is now a contributed package.

This new module allows users to export an Org page to any type of
output by constructing the output using a list of prefixes,
format specifications and suffixes for the various types of org
data (headlines, paragraphs, list bullets, etc).  Use the
`org-set-generic-type' function to define your own export types
and have them bound to a key (use an upper-case letter for user
export definitions).

Thanks to Wes Hardaker for this contribution with a lot of

New contributed modules org-mac-iCal.el by Christopher Suckling

See the [documentation on Worg].

[documentation on Worg]: http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/org-mac-iCal.php

org-jira.el: New file, by Jonathan Arkell

Links to Jira tickets.

org-R.el: Updated.

/org-R.el/ has been updated, thanks to Dan Davison for this.

`[ TABLE-OF-CONTENTS]' is now also used for LaTeX export

This cookie will mark the location of the `\tableofcontents'
macro.  Triggered by a report by Yuva.

Changes to the clocking system

New option `org-clock-out-switch-to-state'.

Clocking out can now switch the task to a particular state.

This was a request by Manish.

More control about what time is shown in mode line while clocking

- If you have an `Effort' property defined, its value is also
   shown in the mode line, and you can configure `org-clock-sound'
   to get an alert when your planned time for a particular item is

- When an entry has been clocked earlier, the time shown in the
   mode line while the item is being clocked is now the sum of all
   previous, and the current clock.

- The exception to the previous rule are repeating entries: There
   the clock time will only be clocking instances recorded since
   the last time the entry when through a repeat event.  The time
   of that event is now recorded in the `LAST_REPEAT' property.

- You can use the property CLOCK_MODELINE_TOTAL to get
   control over what times are displayed in the mode line, see
   the manual for more information.

- The new command `C-c C-x C-e' can be used to change the Effort
   estimate and therefore to change the moment when the clock sound
   will go off.

- The clock string in the modeline now has a special font,
   `org-mode-line-clock'.  This was a proposal by Samuel Wales.

- Clicking on the mode line display of the clock now offers a
   menu with important clock functions like clocking out, or
   switching the clock to a different task.

Thanks to Konstantin Antipin for part of the implementation, and
thanks to Bernt Hansen for helping to iron out the issues related
to repeated tasks.

Miscellaneous changes

Allow to specify the alignment in table columns by hand

Similar to the `<20>' cookies that allow to specify a maximum
width for a table column, you can now also specify the alignment
in order to overrule the automatic alignment choice based on the
dominance of number or non-number fields in a column.  The
corresponding cookies are `<l>' and `<r>' for left and right side
alignment, respectively.  These can be combined with maximum
width specification like this: `<r15>'.

This was a proposal by Michael Brand.

Stop logging and blocking when selecting a TODO state

Sometimes you want to quickly select or change a TODO state of an
item, without being bothered by your setup for blocking state
changes and logging entries.  So in this case, you don't want the
change be seen as a true state change.

You can now set the variable
`org-treat-S-cursor-todo-selection-as-state-change' to nil.
Then, when you use `S-left' and `S-right' to quickly flip through
states, blocking and logging will be temporarily disabled.

Export BBDB anniversaries to iCalendar

See the variable `org-icalendar-include-bbdb-anniversaries'.

This was a request by Richard Riley, thanks to Thomas Baumann
for the prompt implementation.

Macro definitions can be collected in an #+SETUPFILE

If you want to use many macros in different files, collect the
`#+macro' lines into a file and link to them with

#+SETUPFILE: path/to-file

Subtree cloning now also shifts inactive dates

When using the command `org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift', time
stamps will be shifted for each clone.  So far, this applied only
to active timestamps, but now it does apply to inactive
ones as well.

HTML table export: Assign alternating classes to rows

The new variable `org-export-table-row-tags' can now be set up in
a way so that different table lines get special CSS classes
assigned.  This can be used for example to choose different
background colors for odd and even lines, respectively.  The
docstring of the variable contains this example:

   (setq org-export-table-row-tags
         (cons '(if head
              (if (= (mod nline 2) 1)
                  "<tr class=\"tr-odd\">"
                "<tr class=\"tr-even\">"))

It makes use of the local variables `head' and `nline' which are
used to check whether the current line is a header line, and whether
it is an odd or an even line.  Since this is fully programmable,
you can do other things as well.

This was a request by Xin Shi.

Remember: target headline may be a function

When setting up remember templates, the target headline may now
be a function, similarly to what is allowed for the target file.
The functions needs to return the headline that should be used.

Remove flyspell overlays in places where they are not wanted

We now keep flyspell from highlighting non-words in links.

Update targets in the Makefile

Some new targets in the default Makefile make it easier to update
through git to the latest version: `update' and `up2'.  Here are
the definitions.

           git pull
           ${MAKE} clean
           ${MAKE} all

   up2:    update
           sudo ${MAKE} install

This was a request by Konstantin Antipin.

BUG fixes

As always, lots and lots of bug fixes.  Thanks for all who
contributed with reports, analysis and patches.

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