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From: "Sebastien Vauban" <wxhgmqzgwmuf-geNee64TY+gS+FvcfC7Uqw@public.gmane.org>
To: emacs-orgmode-mXXj517/zsQ@public.gmane.org
Subject: [minor bug] Non-character input-event
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 11:19:29 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <80mxdqcpge.fsf@somewhere.org> (raw)


When in agend buffer, pressing / for the filters, and answering with an arrow
key generates the following error:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Non-character input-event")
  (setq char (read-char))
  (if char nil (message "%s by tag [%s ], [TAB], %s[/]:off, [+-]:narrow, [>=<?]:effort: " (if narrow "Narrow" "Filter") tag-chars (if org-agenda-auto-exclude-function "[RET], " "")) (setq char (read-char)))
  (unless char (message "%s by tag [%s ], [TAB], %s[/]:off, [+-]:narrow, [>=<?]:effort: " (if narrow "Narrow" "Filter") tag-chars (if org-agenda-auto-exclude-function "[RET], " "")) (setq char (read-char)))
  (let* ((alist org-tag-alist-for-agenda) (tag-chars (mapconcat (lambda (x) (if (and (not ...) (cdr x)) (char-to-string (cdr x)) "")) alist "")) (efforts (org-split-string (or (cdr (assoc (concat org-effort-property "_ALL") org-global-properties)) "0 0:10 0:30 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00" ""))) (effort-op org-agenda-filter-effort-default-operator) (effort-prompt "") (inhibit-read-only t) (current org-agenda-filter) maybe-refresh a n tag) (unless char (message "%s by tag [%s ], [TAB], %s[/]:off, [+-]:narrow, [>=<?]:effort: " (if narrow "Narrow" "Filter") tag-chars (if org-agenda-auto-exclude-function "[RET], " "")) (setq char (read-char))) (when (member char (quote (43 45))) (cond ((equal char 45) (setq strip t narrow t)) ((equal char 43) (setq strip nil narrow t))) (message "Narrow by tag [%s ], [TAB], [/]:off, [>=<]:effort: " tag-chars) (setq char (read-char))) (when (member char (quote (60 62 61 63))) (setq effort-op (char-to-string char)) (setq alist nil) (unless (equal char 63) (loop for i from 0 to 9 do (setq effort-prompt (concat effort-prompt " [" (if (= i 9) "0" (int-to-string ...)) "]" (nth i efforts)))) (message "Effort%s: %s " effort-op effort-prompt) (setq char (read-char)) (when (or (< char 48) (> char 57)) (error "Need 1-9,0 to select effort")))) (when (equal char 9) (unless (local-variable-p (quote org-global-tags-completion-table) (current-buffer)) (org-set-local (quote org-global-tags-completion-table) (org-global-tags-completion-table))) (let ((completion-ignore-case t)) (setq tag (org-icompleting-read "Tag: " org-global-tags-completion-table)))) (cond ((equal char 13) (org-agenda-filter-by-tag-show-all) (when org-agenda-auto-exclude-function (setq org-agenda-filter (quote nil)) (dolist (tag (org-agenda-get-represented-tags)) (let ((modifier ...)) (if modifier (push modifier org-agenda-filter)))) (if (not (null org-agenda-filter)) (org-agenda-filter-apply org-agenda-filter))) (setq maybe-refresh t)) ((equal char 47) (org-agenda-filter-by-tag-show-all) (when (get (quote org-agenda-filter) :preset-filter) (org-agenda-filter-apply org-agenda-filter)) (setq maybe-refresh t)) ((or (equal char 32) (setq a (rassoc char alist)) (and (>= char 48) (<= char 57) (setq n (if (= char 48) 9 (- char 48 1)) tag (concat effort-op (nth n efforts)) a (cons tag nil))) (and (= char 63) (setq tag "?eff") a (cons tag nil)) (and tag (setq a (cons tag nil)))) (org-agenda-filter-by-tag-show-all) (setq tag (car a)) (setq org-agenda-filter (cons (concat (if strip "-" "+") tag) (if narrow current nil))) (org-agenda-filter-apply org-agenda-filter) (setq maybe-refresh t)) (t (error "Invalid tag selection character %c" char))) (when (and maybe-refresh (eq org-agenda-clockreport-mode (quote with-filter))) (org-agenda-redo)))
  call-interactively(org-agenda-filter-by-tag nil nil)
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

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