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From: Carsten Dominik <dominik@uva.nl>
To: emacs-orgmode List <emacs-orgmode@gnu.org>
Subject: Org-mode release 6.29
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 23:15:37 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <53A4771F-8F19-480A-B12E-01349D00B6D5@uva.nl> (raw)


I am releasing Org-mode 6.29.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, in particular Bastien, who
put a big part of this release together while I was gone.

I am most excited about the new org-indent-mode, with dynamic
outline indentation under Emacs 23.  Please test it.

Here are the user-visible changes.


- Carsten

                              Version 6.29

Date: 2009-08-04 23:11:51 CEST

Structure editing and cycling

New minor mode `org-indent-mode'

This mode implements outline indentation similar to clean view,
but in a dynamic and virtual way, at display time.  I have wanted
this functionality for years and tried several implementations,
all unworkable.  Emacs 23 has finally made it possible.  So this
solution is for Emacs 23 only, and I am not sure yet how stable
it really is.  Time will tell.

Currently I do not recommend to turn it on globally using
the variable `org-startup-indented'.  But you can turn it on
for a particular buffer using

   #+STARTUP: indent

Turning on this minor mode automatically turns on
`org-hide-leading-stars', and it turns off

Skip CHILDREN state if there are no children

When a subtree does not have any children, visibility
cycling now skips the CHILDREN state.  You can customize
this behavior with the variable

Nodes without keyword can now be counted for statistics

See the variable `org-provide-todo-statistics' for details.
It can be the symbol `all-headings', or a list of TODO
states to consider.

This was requested by David A. Gershman.

New function `org-list-make-subtree'

This function converts the plain list at point into a
subtree, preserving the list structure.  The key for this
command is `C-c C-*'.  Thanks to Ilya Shlyakhter for this

Headlines can be fontified to the right window border

Use the variable `org-fontify-whole-heading-line' to turn
this on.  Then headline fontification will include the final
newline.  If your setup for headline faces includes a
background different from the default background, this setup
creates a visual line across the window.

Inline tasks have become better citizens

The new key `C-c C-x t' inserts an inline task including an
END line.  Inline tasks play along with (i,e, are ignored
by) link creation and footnotes.  Inline tasks with an `END'
line can be refiled and archived.  During the refile/archive
operation, the tasks become normal tasks and the `END' line

These improvements reflect reports and requests by Peter
Westlake and Matt Lundin.

Archive subtree and move to next visible task

When archiving a task, the cursor now ends up on the next
headline, so the repeated application of the archiving
command will archive successive tasks.

Thanks to Bernt Hansen for a patch to this effect.

Renumbering the fn:N-like footnotes

The new footnote action `r' will renumber simple `fn:N'
footnotes in the current document.  The action `S' will
first do the renumbering and then sort the footnotes (the
`s' action).

This was a request by Andreas Röhler.

Automatic sorting and renumbering

Customize the new variable `org-footnote-auto-adjust' or use
the `#+STARTUP' option `fnadjust' to get automatic
renumbering and sorting of footnotes after each

This was a request by Andreas Röhler.

Improvements to plain-list-cycling with TAB.

TAB now by default cycles visibility in plain lists if the
cursor is at a plain list item.  This corresponds to the new
default value `t' of `org-cycle-include-plain-lists'.  If
you want to treat plain list items as part of the outline
hierarchy during cycling of outline headings (this is what a
`t' value used to mean), set this variable to `integrate'.

Force bullet type changes during plain list demotion

We now have a mechanism to force a particular bullet type
when demoting a plain list item.  See the variable
`org-list-demote-modify-bullet' for details.

This was a request by Rainer Stengele.


Relative row references may now cross hlines

A relative row reference like @-1 in a table may now reach
across a horizontal separator line.  I hope this will not
break any important tables out there, but I think it is the
right thing to do.

The sole original reason for not allowing such crossing was
to implement running averages of one column in the next.
This can now be done using field formulas near the beginning
and end of the column, and a column formula for the central

See the variable `org-table-relative-ref-may-cross-hline'
for more details.

Cut or copy single fields

`C-c C-x C-w' and `C-c C-x M-w' now act on single table
fields if there is no active region defined.


Find agenda files linking to the current location

The new command `org-occur-link-in-agenda-files' creates a
link like `org=store-link' would, and then searches all
agenda files for this link.  So for example, you could be in
a GNUS message, trying to find tasks that have links to this

Include stored links into link completion

When inserting a link with `C-c C-l', TAB completion will
now not only access link prefixes, but also the stored


Bulk commands: Add Schedule and Deadline processing

Agenda bulk commands on marked entries now can also set the
scheduling date or a deadline.  Normally, all entries will
be set to the specified date.  However, when writing the
change as "++5d" or "++2w", then each time stamp will
independently be shifted by that amount.

Tags-todo searches: No longer force to list sublevels

For historic reasons, `org-tags-match-list-sublevels' was
forced to `t' in tags-todo agenda searches.  Now we no
longer do this and accept the user setting of this variable.

Thanks to Patrick Bahr for bringing this up.


Use file-source.org format instead of file.org-source

When publishing the source Org file to the source directory
(i.e. if the publishing directory is the same as the source
directory), then the file name will now look like
`file-source.org' and `file-source.org.html'.  Note that if you
do use this kind of setup, you probably want to specify

   :exclude "-source\.org"

in your publishing project, to avoid that a new generation of
`-source' files is created each time you publish the project.

LaTeX export: Skip title command when there is no title

Using `#+TITLE:' without a value makes the LaTeX export
ignore the value of `org-export-latex-title-command'.

New option `org-export-html-footnote-format'

This defines the format for footnote references.  This
string must contain `%s' which will be replaced by the
footnote label.

More export options for source code examples

Allow whitespace in code references.  Allow the `-r' switch
to remove the references in the source code even when the
lines are not numbered: the labels can be explicit enough.
Note that `-r -k' is the same as no switch at all.

Thanks to Ulf Stegemann for bring this up.

LaTeX export: Allow more environment for low-level headings

The user can now define a non-standard environment or macro
to handle export of low-level headings to LaTeX.

For details, see the variable `org-export-latex-low-levels'.

LaTeX export: Add postscript file extensions for images

Some people process LaTeX files not directly to pdf, but go
through dvi and then to ps or pdf.  In that case, allowed
images are ps and eps files, not pdf and jpg.

This commit adds the two extensions, so that export using
that alternative path can be supported better.  However, it
is up to the user to make sure that the images are actually
compatible with the backend.

HTML export: Show UP and HOME links

`org-export-html-link-up' and `org-export-html-link-home'
are now also inserted into normal HTML export, above the
page title.

General mechanism for local variable settings

Many different people want to set many different variables
in a buffer-local way for export.  This cannot be done with
file variables, because the Org buffer is not current while
the exporter is running.

Lots of variables can be set with the `#+OPTIONS' lines, but
finding abbreviations goes only so far.

Therefore we have now a general mechanism that can be used
to bind variables during export operations.

A line like:

   #+BIND: variable value

will bind the variable to value.  For example, the line

   #+OPTIONS: toc:nil

can now equivalently be written as

   #+BIND: org-export-with-toc nil

Clean out publishing timestamp directory

When changing the publishing setup, old timestamp files can
be left behind.  Forcing publishing of all projects with
`C-u C-c C-e E' will remove all existing timestamp files.


Calendar for reading a date forced into current frame.

Separate-frame setup for calendar had caused problems in

Set timers for headlines

You can now set a timer related to any headline, like an
alarm clock.  Three new commands have been defined:

org-timer-set-timer: bound to `C-c C-x ;' in Org buffers
   and to `;' in Org agenda buffers.  This function sets a
   timer for the headline the cursor is currently it.  Up to
   three timers can be used at any time.

org-timer-show-remaining-time: Show the remaining time
   for the last timer set.

org-timer-cancel-timers: Cancel all timers.

This functionality was requested by Samuel Wales and
emulates that of /tea-time.el/ -- see the emacswiki doc at


Clock reports may include a time stamp

Using `:timetamp t' as an option in a clock report now
allows insertion of the timestamp for the clocked entry.
Timestamps are searched for in this order: `SCHEDULING',

New option `org-id-uuid-program'

On some systems, `uuidgen' is named `uuid'.

Clock notification handler made configurable

See the variable `org-show-notification-handler'.

New option `org-tags-sort-function'.

This allows tags to be sorted by `string<', `string>', or a
custom function.

Thanks to James TD Smith for a patch to this effect.

Improvements for org-feed.el

But fixes, and allowing to choose between `wget' and `curl'.

Thanks to Christopher League for a patch to this effect.

prof.dr. Carsten Dominik				dominik@uva.nl
Astronomical Institute 'Anton Pannekoek' 	 	www.astro.uva.nl/~dominik
Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam		phone 	+31-20-5257477/7491
SCIENCE PARK 904, ROOM C4-106			fax   	+31-20-5257484
1098 XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
mail: PO BOX 94249, 1090GE, Amsterdam

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