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From: Karl Voit <devnull@Karl-Voit.at>
To: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org
Subject: "Orgdown", the new name for the syntax of Org-mode
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 20:46:17 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <2021-11-28T20-44-37@devnull.Karl-Voit.at> (raw)

Hi Org-mode community,

At this year's EmascsConf, I had a 12 minute video where I explain why
we do need a different name for the syntax of Org-mode in contrast to
the Elisp implementation of GNU/Emacs Org-mode.

I would like you to read my rationale and motivate you to use the term
"Orgdown" for the syntax and "Orgdown1" for the first (very basic)
level of Orgdown syntax elements.

- The EmacsConf21 talk: https://emacsconf.org/2021/talks/org-outside
- Orgdown site: https://gitlab.com/publicvoit/orgdown (please contribute!)
- My motivation article: https://karl-voit.at/2021/11/27/orgdown/
  - This is the longer version of my 12 minute EmacsConf21 video.
- My personal copy of the video: https://tube.graz.social/w/bgJVfjPLQAoJwLJQZoo3Hu

Just as a sneak preview (not as a replacement for my motivation article):

Orgdown is and will be defined in a set of levels, starting with very
basic Orgdown1 (or OD1 or O↓1 or ⧬1 - depending on your coolness
factor of choice :-) )

- OD1 → https://gitlab.com/publicvoit/orgdown/-/blob/master/doc/Orgdown-Levels.org
- OD2 → will be defined in future
- OD3 → will be defined in future
- ...
- OD∞ = Org-mode (by definition)

Any OD-level needs to be compatible with Org-mode as implemented in
Elisp for GNU/Emacs Org-mode according to https://orgmode.org. Any ODx
is a sub-set of the syntax elements of ODy (with y>x).

With introducing a new term specific for the syntax, we do get the
benefit of getting a better way to handle Org-mode support in
3rd-party tools such as listed on
(please extend!).

Having a well-defined sub-set of Org-mode, I also do think that formal
definitions of the Org-mode syntax will be easier to develop, starting
with the very simple OD1 level.

It would be awesome if we start referring to syntax support in
3rd-party tools with the corresponding OD levels.

I want to emphasize that the goal of Orgdown is NOT and will never be
something that is an alternative to our golden standard Org-mode. We
will try hard not to get into the Markdown situation where you need to
know the exact flavor of the markup in order to produce text.

So far, the response was great at the conference and I do hope that
this idea will get a life of its own, developing the standard further,
bringing this magnificent lightweight markup to the digital world.
This also eases some pain for users of GNU/Emacs when it comes to
exchanging text-based data.

Thanks for your support here!

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