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From: dieter@schoen.or.at
To: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org
Subject: Re: ob-lua.el
Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 20:26:49 +0000 (GMT)	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <10493aa.dd867f2eeab70f315adbc3ac0113988b@afterlogic.edis.at> (raw)

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now with attachments, i hope....

>---- Original Message ----
>From: Dieter Schoen <dieter@schoen.or.at>
>To: emacs-orgmode@gnu.org
>Sent: Fri, May 9, 2014, 10:23 PM
>Subject: Re: [O] ob-lua.el
>At Wed, 07 May 2014 00:46:03 +0200,
>Bastien wrote:
>> Hi Dieter,
>> dieter@schoen.or.at writes:
>> > for a project I need to tangle lua files (including parameters and
>> > tables),
>> > and there seems to be no ob-lua.el (yet).
>> >
>> > so I shamelessly copied ob-python.el and adapted it to my needs.
>> > right now it can tangle lua, also with simple or table parameters.
>> >
>> > if anybody is interested, I can upload it.
>> Yes, please do!
>> > before that, it should maybe be completed, and also pass some generic
>> > tangle test, I think.
>> > I have shortly looked at testing/examples/ob-shell-test.org. Is a
>> > test like this suitable?
>> I suggest to look at testing/lisp/test-ob-shell.el.
>sorry for the delay, I had to fix some quoting..
>here is what i have already. it is not yet ERT tested, only manually.
>ob-lua.el is capable to tangle code  which uses tables with one, two or many
>i have not yet done any code executing tests.
>first, here is my test harness:
>#+NAME: simple-table
>| simple one |
>| two        |
>| three      |
>is converted into
>  sim={{"simple one"}, {"two"}, {"three"}}
>#+NAME: assoc-table
>| name    | value |
>| colour  | blue  |
>| weather | fine  |
>this is converted into
>    mapv={{"colour", "blue"}, {"weather", "fine"}}
>i copied this behaviour (an associative map) from ob-shell.el
>#+NAME: big-table
>| name        | value  | remark |
>| tool        | emacs  | cool   |
>| environment | debian | fair   |
>and finally,
>    big={{"tool", "emacs", "cool"}, {"environment", "debian", "fair"}}
><#part type="text/x-org" filename="/home/dieter/git/org/code-exporter.org" disposition=attachment>
>and ob-lua.el
><#part type="application/emacs-lisp" filename="/home/dieter/.emacs.d/elpa/org-20140505/ob-lua.el" disposition=attachment>
>as i am quite new to emacs/org, i will be thankful for any feedback.
>kind regards,

[-- Attachment #2: code-exporter.org --]
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* shell script

#+NAME: simple-table
| simple one |
| two        |
| three      |

#+NAME: assoc-table
| name    | value |
| colour  | blue  |
| weather | fine  |

#+NAME: big-table
| name        | value  | remark |
| tool        | emacs  | cool   |
| environment | debian | fair   |

* the code blocks
** lua
#+HEADER: :var WHAT=simple-table[1,0] VAL=simple-table[2,0]
#+HEADER: :var  sim=simple-table
#+HEADER: :var  mapv=assoc-table
#+HEADER: :var  big=big-table
#+BEGIN_SRC lua :exports code :tangle yes
  -- this just contains the function table_print
  -- copied from http://lua-users.org/wiki/TableSerialization
  dofile "test-lua-lib.lua"


  print("sim table")
  print("mapv table")
  print("big table")

** for comparison, python
#+HEADER: :var WHAT=simple-table[1,0] VAL=simple-table[2,0]
#+HEADER: :var  sim=simple-table
#+HEADER: :var  mapv=assoc-table
#+HEADER: :var  big=big-table
#+BEGIN_SRC python :exports code :tangle yes
  print WHAT, "=", VAL

  print "simple", sim
  print "mapv  ", mapv
  print "big   ", big


[-- Attachment #3: ob-lua.el --]
[-- Type: application/octet-stream, Size: 13238 bytes --]

;;; ob-lua.el --- org-babel functions for lua evaluation

;; Copyright (C) 2009-2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

;; Authors: Eric Schulte
;;	 Dan Davison
;; Keywords: literate programming, reproducible research
;; Homepage: http://orgmode.org

;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.

;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.

;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.

;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

;;; Commentary:

;; Org-Babel support for evaluating lua source code.

;;; Code:
(require 'ob)
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))

(declare-function org-remove-indentation "org" )
(declare-function lua-shell "ext:lua-mode" (&optional argprompt))
(declare-function lua-toggle-shells "ext:lua-mode" (arg))
(declare-function run-lua "ext:lua" (cmd &optional dedicated show))

(defvar org-babel-tangle-lang-exts)
(add-to-list 'org-babel-tangle-lang-exts '("lua" . "lua"))

(defvar org-babel-default-header-args:lua '())

(defcustom org-babel-lua-command "lua"
  "Name of the command for executing Lua code."
  :version "24.4"
  :package-version '(Org . "8.0")
  :group 'org-babel
  :type 'string)

(defcustom org-babel-lua-mode
  (if (or (featurep 'xemacs) (featurep 'lua-mode)) 'lua-mode 'lua)
  "Preferred lua mode for use in running lua interactively.
This will typically be either 'lua or 'lua-mode."
  :group 'org-babel
  :version "24.4"
  :package-version '(Org . "8.0")
  :type 'symbol)

(defvar org-src-preserve-indentation)

(defcustom org-babel-lua-hline-to "None"
  "Replace hlines in incoming tables with this when translating to lua."
  :group 'org-babel
  :version "24.4"
  :package-version '(Org . "8.0")
  :type 'string)

(defcustom org-babel-lua-None-to 'hline
  "Replace 'None' in lua tables with this before returning."
  :group 'org-babel
  :version "24.4"
  :package-version '(Org . "8.0")
  :type 'symbol)

(defun org-babel-execute:lua (body params)
  "Execute a block of Lua code with Babel.
This function is called by `org-babel-execute-src-block'."
  (let* ((session (org-babel-lua-initiate-session
		   (cdr (assoc :session params))))
         (result-params (cdr (assoc :result-params params)))
         (result-type (cdr (assoc :result-type params)))
	 (return-val (when (and (eq result-type 'value) (not session))
		       (cdr (assoc :return params))))
	 (preamble (cdr (assoc :preamble params)))
	   (concat body (if return-val (format "\nreturn %s" return-val) ""))
	   params (org-babel-variable-assignments:lua params)))
         (result (org-babel-lua-evaluate
		  session full-body result-type result-params preamble)))
     (org-babel-pick-name (cdr (assoc :colname-names params))
			  (cdr (assoc :colnames params)))
     (org-babel-pick-name (cdr (assoc :rowname-names params))
			  (cdr (assoc :rownames params))))))

(defun org-babel-prep-session:lua (session params)
  "Prepare SESSION according to the header arguments in PARAMS.
VARS contains resolved variable references"
  (let* ((session (org-babel-lua-initiate-session session))
	  (org-babel-variable-assignments:lua params)))
    (org-babel-comint-in-buffer session
      (mapc (lambda (var)
              (end-of-line 1) (insert var) (comint-send-input)
              (org-babel-comint-wait-for-output session)) var-lines))

(defun org-babel-load-session:lua (session body params)
  "Load BODY into SESSION."
    (let ((buffer (org-babel-prep-session:lua session params)))
      (with-current-buffer buffer
        (goto-char (process-mark (get-buffer-process (current-buffer))))
        (insert (org-babel-chomp body)))

;; helper functions

(defun org-babel-variable-assignments:lua (params)
  "Return a list of Lua statements assigning the block's variables."
   (lambda (pair)
     (format "%s=%s"
	     (car pair)
	     (org-babel-lua-var-to-lua (cdr pair))))
   (mapcar #'cdr (org-babel-get-header params :var))))

(defun org-babel-lua-var-to-lua (var)
  "Convert an elisp value to a lua variable.
Convert an elisp value, VAR, into a string of lua source code
specifying a variable of the same value."
  (if (listp var)
      (if (and (= 1 (length var)) (not (listp (car var))))
          (org-babel-lua-var-to-lua (car var))
        (if (and
             (= 2 (length var))
             (not (listp (car var))))
             (substring-no-properties (car var))
             (org-babel-lua-var-to-lua (cdr var)))
          (concat "{" (mapconcat #'org-babel-lua-var-to-lua var ", ") "}")))
    (if (equal var 'hline)
       (if (and (stringp var) (string-match "[\n\r]" var)) "\"\"%S\"\"" "%S")
       (if (stringp var) (substring-no-properties var) var)))))

(defun org-babel-lua-table-or-string (results)
  "Convert RESULTS into an appropriate elisp value.
If the results look like a list or tuple, then convert them into an
Emacs-lisp table, otherwise return the results as a string."
  (let ((res (org-babel-script-escape results)))
    (if (listp res)
        (mapcar (lambda (el) (if (equal el 'None)
                            org-babel-lua-None-to el))

(defvar org-babel-lua-buffers '((:default . "*Lua*")))

(defun org-babel-lua-session-buffer (session)
  "Return the buffer associated with SESSION."
  (cdr (assoc session org-babel-lua-buffers)))

(defun org-babel-lua-with-earmuffs (session)
  (let ((name (if (stringp session) session (format "%s" session))))
    (if (and (string= "*" (substring name 0 1))
	     (string= "*" (substring name (- (length name) 1))))
      (format "*%s*" name))))

(defun org-babel-lua-without-earmuffs (session)
  (let ((name (if (stringp session) session (format "%s" session))))
    (if (and (string= "*" (substring name 0 1))
	     (string= "*" (substring name (- (length name) 1))))
	(substring name 1 (- (length name) 1))

(defvar lua-default-interpreter)
(defvar lua-which-bufname)
(defvar lua-shell-buffer-name)
(defun org-babel-lua-initiate-session-by-key (&optional session)
  "Initiate a lua session.
If there is not a current inferior-process-buffer in SESSION
then create.  Return the initialized session."
  (require org-babel-lua-mode)
    (let* ((session (if session (intern session) :default))
           (lua-buffer (org-babel-lua-session-buffer session))
	   (cmd (if (member system-type '(cygwin windows-nt ms-dos))
		    (concat org-babel-lua-command " -i")
       ((and (eq 'lua org-babel-lua-mode)
	     (fboundp 'run-lua)) ; lua.el
	(if (not (version< "24.1" emacs-version))
	    (run-lua cmd)
	  (unless lua-buffer
	    (setq lua-buffer (org-babel-lua-with-earmuffs session)))
	  (let ((lua-shell-buffer-name
		 (org-babel-lua-without-earmuffs lua-buffer)))
	    (run-lua cmd))))
       ((and (eq 'lua-mode org-babel-lua-mode)
	     (fboundp 'lua-shell)) ; lua-mode.el
	;; Make sure that lua-which-bufname is initialized, as otherwise
	;; it will be overwritten the first time a Lua buffer is
	;; created.
	(lua-toggle-shells lua-default-interpreter)
	;; `lua-shell' creates a buffer whose name is the value of
	;; `lua-which-bufname' with '*'s at the beginning and end
	(let* ((bufname (if (and lua-buffer (buffer-live-p lua-buffer))
			    (replace-regexp-in-string ;; zap surrounding *
			     "^\\*\\([^*]+\\)\\*$" "\\1" lua-buffer)
			  (concat "Lua-" (symbol-name session))))
	       (lua-which-bufname bufname))
	  (setq lua-buffer (org-babel-lua-with-earmuffs bufname))))
	(error "No function available for running an inferior Lua")))
      (setq org-babel-lua-buffers
	    (cons (cons session lua-buffer)
		  (assq-delete-all session org-babel-lua-buffers)))

(defun org-babel-lua-initiate-session (&optional session params)
  "Create a session named SESSION according to PARAMS."
  (unless (string= session "none")
     (org-babel-lua-initiate-session-by-key session))))

(defvar org-babel-lua-eoe-indicator "'org_babel_lua_eoe'"
  "A string to indicate that evaluation has completed.")
(defvar org-babel-lua-wrapper-method
def main():

open('%s', 'w').write( str(main()) )")
(defvar org-babel-lua-pp-wrapper-method
import pprint
def main():

open('%s', 'w').write( pprint.pformat(main()) )")

(defun org-babel-lua-evaluate
  (session body &optional result-type result-params preamble)
  "Evaluate BODY as Lua code."
  (if session
       session body result-type result-params)
     body result-type result-params preamble)))

(defun org-babel-lua-evaluate-external-process
  (body &optional result-type result-params preamble)
  "Evaluate BODY in external lua process.
If RESULT-TYPE equals 'output then return standard output as a
string.  If RESULT-TYPE equals 'value then return the value of the
last statement in BODY, as elisp."
  (let ((raw
         (case result-type
           (output (org-babel-eval org-babel-lua-command
                                   (concat (if preamble (concat preamble "\n"))
           (value (let ((tmp-file (org-babel-temp-file "lua-")))
                      (if preamble (concat preamble "\n") "")
                       (if (member "pp" result-params)
                        (lambda (line) (format "\t%s" line))
                          (org-babel-trim body))
                         "[\r\n]") "\n")
                       (org-babel-process-file-name tmp-file 'noquote))))
                    (org-babel-eval-read-file tmp-file))))))
    (org-babel-result-cond result-params
      (org-babel-lua-table-or-string (org-babel-trim raw)))))

(defun org-babel-lua-evaluate-session
    (session body &optional result-type result-params)
  "Pass BODY to the Lua process in SESSION.
If RESULT-TYPE equals 'output then return standard output as a
string.  If RESULT-TYPE equals 'value then return the value of the
last statement in BODY, as elisp."
  (let* ((send-wait (lambda () (comint-send-input nil t) (sleep-for 0 5)))
	    (tmp-file pp)
	     (lambda (statement) (insert statement) (funcall send-wait))
	     (if pp
		  "import pprint"
		  (format "open('%s', 'w').write(pprint.pformat(_))"
			  (org-babel-process-file-name tmp-file 'noquote)))
	       (list (format "open('%s', 'w').write(str(_))"
			     (org-babel-process-file-name tmp-file
	 (input-body (lambda (body)
		       (mapc (lambda (line) (insert line) (funcall send-wait))
			     (split-string body "[\r\n]"))
		       (funcall send-wait)))
          (case result-type
                   (session org-babel-lua-eoe-indicator t body)
                 (funcall input-body body)
                 (funcall send-wait) (funcall send-wait)
                 (insert org-babel-lua-eoe-indicator)
                 (funcall send-wait))
               2) "\n"))
             (let ((tmp-file (org-babel-temp-file "lua-")))
                   (session org-babel-lua-eoe-indicator nil body)
                 (let ((comint-process-echoes nil))
                   (funcall input-body body)
                   (funcall dump-last-value tmp-file
                            (member "pp" result-params))
                   (funcall send-wait) (funcall send-wait)
                   (insert org-babel-lua-eoe-indicator)
                   (funcall send-wait)))
               (org-babel-eval-read-file tmp-file))))))
    (unless (string= (substring org-babel-lua-eoe-indicator 1 -1) results)
      (org-babel-result-cond result-params
        (org-babel-lua-table-or-string results)))))

(defun org-babel-lua-read-string (string)
  "Strip 's from around Lua string."
  (if (string-match "^'\\([^\000]+\\)'$" string)
      (match-string 1 string)

(provide 'ob-lua)

;;; ob-lua.el ends here

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